Tesla’s public cloud blockade

Tesla is blocking communication originating from any of the major cloud providers, like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Almost all of the 3rd party apps have been influenced by this action, and because TeslaTasks was running on Microsoft’s cloud, it also was blocked. At the moment TeslaTasks as been moved to a non-cloud host, so it can be used normally, but the registration webapp is not on the correct URL.

To be continued…

TeslaTasks is an application that connects Google calendar to your Tesla vehicle.

A lot of people use Google calendar to keep tabs on all the appointments in their life. And it therefore is a very natural place to determine when your car should warm or chill itself, in order to be ready to drive you to that appointment. However, the functionality Tesla offers, though a connected calendar, is by “learning your habits”. But a lot of appointments do not fall into that category, and not every appointment will require driving. So TeslaTasks takes a different approach and uses an explicit appointment in a dedicated calendar to trigger preconditioning.

Simply set up an appointment prior to the one you will need to get into your car for, and your Tesla will start preheating and preconditioning the battery. Even when you are still snuggly in bed.

Personally, I am in my car within 30 minutes after my wake up alarm, that is not enough time for the car to fully de-ice. Also, my Tesla sometimes is so fast asleep that it takes up to two minutes to wake up, requiring pressing the retry button in the app a number of times. When I’m in my morning routine, I really hate having to do that. TeslaTasks is a computer, it doesn’t mind trying that over and over again, until it finally gets a response.

Naturally other tasks can be controlled this way as well, like charging or sentry mode. For more information see the manual. If you feel like giving TeslaTask a go, just click on the REGISTER! link in the menu above. Zac (of “now you know”) has tested it.

TeslaTasks is free, but that also means I’m using low cost hosting; the performance of the registration page may be slow. Support me on patreon and help those hosting costs get covered, so I can make TeslaTasks work better! And naturally I like my work being appreciated in this way. And why not? If you enjoy using it.

Oh, and because handing out your username and password to every site that provides some functionality for your Tesla is not the smartest thing to do, I’ve added a generate tokens page just for generating a token pair to be used on other sides. In that way, you only have to take a risk on one page.